Daniel’s weekly report, August 12, 2022


It has been several weeks since I last wrote a weekly report. I had this period of vacation mixed with a little work. It was great but now I’m back at full speed ahead and I have spent this week working hard on shrinking the amount of open issues and pull-requests. They had managed to grow in number about recently but as we reach the end of this week they seem to be down to manageable numbers again.

feature freeze

Last week curl entered feature freeze and we are aiming for a release on August 31, which makes the release cycle one week longer than usual this time. It might actually result in a record number of bugfixes for a single release if the pace keeps up.


Stefan Eissing landed his QUIC API work in wolfSSL this week, giving yet another TLS library the ability to be used in a QUIC implementation. If the plan sticks, we should soon be able to run HTTP/3 transfers with curl using ngtcp2 powered by wolfSSL. I promise to let you know when you too can try this out!


When I noticed a tweet by Phoronix saying “#IPFS Supported In FFmpeg 5.1, IPFS Devs Envision Support In More Open-Source Project” I decided I should just write down what I have learned about IPFS and the use of remote HTTP gateways and how I think the use of a default one is a bad idea. I figured that if how this works was a surprise to me, it might also be a surprise to others.

The reaction in the ffmpeg project was instant and a patch was posted to revert the default gateway. The follow-up discussion on that mailing list turned emotional very quickly but at least the ball is rolling now.


I haven’t worked a lot on this recently but I hope to get back up to speed and to expand the number of tests and make sure I complete the full planned API soon. I want to do an initial merge in the next feature window, which is open September 5 - 28.

The feature will be marked EXPERIMENTAL and require a special configure flag to get enabled to start with anyway so it should be fairly safe.

Corellium sponsors my WebSockets work.

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  • websockets work
  • agenda work for curl up
  • create my “uncurled” presentation for the 23rd


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