Daniel’s weekly report

November 26, 2021

Happened this week

  • Possibly the best this week was the callout I did on Twitter: “friends at @Microsoft: we keep getting reports from users about your outdated curl version in Windows 10 and Windows 11. They are (rightfully) concerned that you don’t fix known security problems. How about an upgrade?” which after a few turns found the exact right person (Dustin Howett at Microsoft) who graciously replied: “All that to say: I’m sorry, and we’ll do better in the future. As a huge fan of curl, I was so happy to see it end up in Windows… and now as the owner of that integration, I’m compelled to make sure we’re doing it right. Thanks for everything!” I couldn’t wish for a better response!

  • Another fun adventure of the week kicked off with oss-fuzz reporting a Heap-buffer-overflow in curl, but none of us managed to reproduce it and we couldn’t at all understand it. This made us file a bug report in oss-fuzz about this being a Suspected false positive and thanks to very quick action there it was soon be confirmed and fixed. Well, “fixed”, maybe because for some reason the deployment of the fix has shown to take a while and in the mean time we seem to have received two more oss-fuzz false positive reports in the same style. I’ve been asked to “hold my breath” until after this coming weekend so let’s hope we aren’t drowned in more of these before then…

  • This week’s libcurl sighting: Baldur’s Gate 3 uses it.

  • I looked closer at the problem with hyper changing the order of delivered incoming headers if they use the same name, and I’ve decided that the API currently provided for me to “untangle” them is insufficient. The API right now offers all headers in a single memory blob, for me to parse and figure out. But if the point of using hyper is to lean more on a HTTP parser written in rust, I feel it goes against that concept pretty strongly if we would then parse all the headers anyway using C, for the purpose of keeping the libcurl behavior. This now puts us in a position where we’re a bit blocked and I don’t know how to move this forward.

  • My request for HTTP/1.1 trailer support in hyper was accepted, but there’s no new code or API or anything available yet for me to work with.

  • This week’s share of hair-tearing has happened in PR 8035 and it still isn’t solved. It is a minor change in how curl scans for the existence of a .curlrc and .ssh/known_hosts (ie in different places that could be considered “home”), but for some reason the CI runs on some Windows builds seem to crash and I’ve so far failed to understand it. And I can’t run or reproduce the problem on my own.

  • I made editing the website simpler by making sure we can run a local copy under the name curl.local. See that README.md for details. I also added a first basic CI job for the website to maybe reduce the risk that we break it when we change stuff. I also wanted to make the CI provide browsable versions of HTML files to make it possible to see how a PR will render when merged, but I haven’t figured out how to do that yet…

  • I added a CI job to everything curl that runs proselint on the entire book, which should help us keep language decent even when we go forward.

Blog posts

No posts this week!

Coming up

  • Fix more tests to work with hyper

November 19, 2021

Happened this week

  • Opened the feature window for curl on Monday. Started merging things that have been queued up…

  • I reached 16,000 commits in curl’s source code repo just after I posted my weekly report last week.

  • I signed up to participate in the panel at the free online event coming on December 14 called The Future of Open Source: Is It Sustainable? by Sentry!

  • Tuesday: I did a curl presentation - in person - for a Stockholm based company. Even managed to cram in some HTTP/3 details and had a good time with a range of good and intersting questions and follow-up discussions. The best kind of event!

  • While working on the slides for my webinar this week (which I had postponed for far too long this time), I had libreoffice crash on me repeatedly so many times I finally gave up on it. For good. I’ve created all my presentations in libreoffice for many years, but with this last streak of hard crashes I’m now done. It has always been “crashy”, but with some recent update it became totally unusable for me. Fortunately, exporting from libreoffice into powerpoint and importing into Google slides worked pretty good so I at least didn’t have to redo all the work.

  • Thursday: I did a curl webinar, on the release and post quantum - the video recording has not yet come online but I will update the blog post with it as soon as it does.

  • Participated on a podcast recording Thursday. We talked curl details and experiences in a way I think I haven’t talked too much before. For example “Why do you think HTTP is a complex protocol?”. I’ll let you know when it becomes available for listening. older podcast participations

  • I’ve worked on cleaning up and overhauling everything curl quite a bit this week. Triggered mostly by me browsing it and I found a few outdated details. Added a few sections, refreshed some and restructed a few others. I have more ideas of areas I could go over to improve a bit more soon as well. The book is now at 75,000 words. I’m missing a good “get libcurl for Windows” section so I asked about suggestions for it on the mailing list.

  • I want to offer the regular curl man page on the webpage in an additinal alternate way: with each command line option in its own invidual webpage. I posted to curl-users asking for feedback with two sample images showing what it could look like. Didn’t get very productive responses so far…

  • This week in curl+hyper land, I’ve looked at test cases that use HTTP trailers (for example test 1417). I found no support in the current hyper API for them so I’ve submitted a feature-request. I also fixed haproxyprotocol suppport.

  • I did some preliminary attempts to build nghttpx with HTTP/3 support but ran into build problems I haven’t yet resolved.

Blog posts

Coming up

  • check what more hyper features that are lacking for remaining test cases and submit feature-reuqests for them
  • make nghttpx work for HTTP/3 and create a first set of HTTP/3 tests for curl


  • Buy curl support from me via wolfSSL! Offloads your engineers to do other things and leaves the curl work to the experts. Win-win.


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November 12, 2021

Happened this week

  • Put together and shipped curl 7.80.0 and there was much rejoicing. See the blog post for details.

  • I missed the OpenSSL QUIC side-meeting at the IETF but I enjoyed watching the recording.

  • Had a meeting with new potential customer about getting sponsorship for implementing feature NNNNNNN. If this lands, it’ll give me something to work on months ahead…

  • I tweeted about the current HTTPbis work on QUERY as a new HTTP method, sort of a “GET with a body”, and it got a lot of attention and follow-up interest. HTTPbis is the HTTP working group within IETF.

  • The official docker image for curl surpassed 3 billion pulls. The current rate is somewhere around 140 pulls/second.

  • ngtcp2 built against GnuTLS showed up in Debian sid. You can build curl’s HTTP/3 support with this!

Blog posts

Coming up

  • The curl feature window reopens Monday
  • A curl presentation Tuesday for a Stockholm based company
  • Podast episode recording on Thursday
  • Webinar on the curl release and post quantum on Thursday (details pending)


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November 5, 2021

Happened this week

  • Discussed English contractions being good or bad on twitter after I filed my PR to reduce the amount in curl documentation. This followed my previous PR that removed 230 instances of the word ‘very’ from the same set of documentation. I believe there is always room to discuss and improve documentation language.

  • I did an internal presentation about libcurl and tiny-curl for wolfSSL colleagues.

  • We celebrated curl.se (the domain) having been in use for a year now. Wohoo!

  • I started looking at using nghttpx as a proxy for some first HTTP/3 tests in curl. We already use it for HTTP/2 tests, so it could be handy to reuse the same tool. I provided a pull request to nghttp2 to make sure we can detect if it was built with h3 support enabled. It was (improved and) merged. Early days still.

  • The rustls integration in curl needs some attention as upstream has modified the C API recently. While checking this out, I noticed that the rustls_version was documently wrongly, but it was fixed immediately.

Blog posts

  • no blog post this week!

Coming up

  • curl 7.80.0 release


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