Collected emails

This is a collection of emails I have received over the years. I have tried to remove all names, email addresses and some company names.

Except the redaction of personal identifiable information, the contents of the emails are shown exactly as I receivied them.

The emails tend to be in one of these categories.

To the best of my knowledge, none of these emails were sent ironic or as jokes.

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Who am I ?

I am Daniel Stenberg. I am the lead developer of curl. curl runs in some twenty billion installations worldwide. The curl license appears in many places and contains my email address.

Do I respond?

I used to. Over time I learned that is very hard to bridge the knowledge gap, plus the fact that many users will just consider whatever I say as excuses for not helping them the way they want.

It simple takes too much time and energy. I almost never respond to these emails anymore.