September 24, 2021

Happened this week

  • I did my just curl it presentation on WebExpo in Prague. Just a little over 40 minutes of me blabbing. To my great disappointment there was not a single question for me in the Q&A in the “speaker’s corner” afterwards!

  • Shipped curl 7.79.1 on Wednesday with all that entails. This time no major regression has yet been detected so the plan is now to open the feature window on Monday and start working toward a 7.80.0 release in November.

  • AAAAAAAAA signed up for curl support.

  • Had a meeting with ZZZZZZZZ on Friday about support for tiny-curl on multiple RTOSes. Seems doable and fun!

  • Willy Tarreau of HAProxy fame tweeted about their working adding HTTP/3 support and yes, curl was mentioned.

  • The McAfee product “ENS for Windows” obviously uses libcurl because they published a Security Bulletin mentioning libcurl upgrades. A little puzzling they claim at least one of the fixed curl flaws to be “critical” which made me curious… but there’s a lack of details.

  • I got a few “curl contributor” mugs sent over from wolfSSL HQ

  • I got myself a “maintainer maintainer maintainer” tshirt from the Changelog podcast team.

  • I got more “loot” from GitHub, including this fancy mug.

Blog posts

Coming up

  • curl feature window opens Monday, I’m expecting to mostly work with PR merges. Big and small.
  • there’s a twenty year anniversary tomorrow that I’ll blog about


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September 17, 2021

Happened this week

  • Had a great meeting with XXXXXXX. They sound very positive and we’re on track for a support contract.

  • I shipped curl 7.79.0 on Wednesday, did the release presentation video and it felt great - no less than three security advisories were also published in association with the release. About 24 hours later, we got a serious enough bug-report on HTTP/2 code filed that made me decide we can’t wait a full release cycle with this and we need a patch release asap. Next Wednesday is now planned to be come 7.79.1 day. We will also merge other bug-fixes that make sense that we manage to come up with in time.

  • I did a recording of my ‘just curl it’ presentation for Tuesday at WebExpo. It’ll still be broadcasted live and I will be there (online) to do the Q&A after the talk.

  • Tweaked the vulns-per-year graph in the curl dashboard to better visualize when vulnerabilities were introduced in the code vs when they were fixed. I also added a “man pages” graph that will show up for the first time tomorrow in the dashboard.

  • I took the subject of Above and beyond 32 protocols to the mailing list. It primarily concerns a bitmask in the API that is about to get full and how to handle growing it above 32 bits in size. The conclusion is probably that we will add a replacement option that uses a 64 bit data type when the day comes and we need to.

  • Amusement (A): Fabien Benetou posted a picture on twitter with license information from his Harman Kardon Enchant speakers. It shows curl being used but they managed to mess up both the name of curl and the link. Weirdly enough, they link to an (outdated) URL for a podcast episode that I participated in back in 2016! Working link

  • Amusement (B): I got an email about someone wanting my help to fix a bug in a PS5 game.

Blog posts

Coming up

  • On Tuesday the 21st: just curl it on WebExpo in Prague.
  • On Wednesday the 22nd: curl 7.79.1 release.


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September 10, 2021

Happened this week

  • Got more hyper issues reported. Turns out my h2 testings with it has been very thin so far and curl+hyper doesn’t properly send the correct set of psuedo headers, which makes HTTP/2 requests fail against servers that are not very liberal in what they accept.

  • The Rustacean Station Podcast #35 was published featuring me as a guest. A podcast episode about rust in curl and related stuff.

  • I was contacted by a lawyer who seeked my help and I have agreed to serve as an “exepert witness” in a Swedish web scraping court case that is due to go to court in mid October. I might reveal further details on this after I’ve done my part.

  • The transition of servers and services from our old physical server over to our new VPS is now very close to done. At this time there’s only one single website left on the old hardware. still waits for a DNS update, but has moved so I’ve made the first name redirect to the later for now to better survive a potential HW crash before the DNS gets updated…

  • We ran’s DNS up until now but it has now finally been handed over to the successors.

  • It has been a very long time coming, but I finally registered and moved over the c-ares website to that domain. The former host will now simply redirect to the new name.

  • We got two more “last minute” security problems reported for curl for the pending next release. Confirmed, patched confirmed, CVEs allocated, things are progressing. All in all now at three CVEs in the coming release.

  • Another podcast that I participated in was published: the Popcast. The episode is called total recurl. (This one was recorded earlier this summer.)

  • I moved most contents of my personal website over to get stored in git on github for easier maintenance.

Blog posts

Coming up

  • meeting with XXXXXXXX on Tuesday
  • need to come up with a few curl webinar topics for the autum…
  • Next week is release week. curl 7.79.0 is shipping on Wednesday.


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September 3, 2021

Happened this week

  • Did more work on hyper. Now at 64 disabled tests remaining to fix. Primarily I fixed how libcurl does Transfer-Encoding in the presence of Content-Length headers, as it was previously done wrongly. I then got a little stuck on NTLM with CONNECT to a proxy but I’ve figured out roughly what’s wrong and that needs to be done. It’s just a little complicated.

  • Moved a lot of mailing lists from to as a step in the shutting down of the old dying server. The libssh2 website is the last one to get transitioned and it is now in progress.

  • Extended the curl man page with examples - for every single command line option - and I’m working on polishing up examples and more in the libcurl option man pages.

  • Got an idea for curl’s 25th birthday: curl v8

  • My talk at netnod tech meeting on October 13 was announced: curl is everywhere

  • Found myself listed on the weirdest website

  • I put this weekly report up on github and made it available to the world - I will edit out private data and names from the public version.

Blog posts

  • working on a (curl) docs post
  • working on a post-quantum curl post

Coming up

  • More hyper work to do.


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